There is a certain risk involved in hunting.  This risk is greatly magnified when hunting from elevated tree stands.  You cannot eliminate this risk.  However, using sound judgment and following the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings may reduce this risk.  Provided for you below are general warnings, tips, and instructions for climbing to hunt, ascending and descending trees, using tree steps, and using hunting safety equipment. 
  1. ALWAYS use good judgment when climbing to hunt.
  2. ALWAYS let someone know where you will be hunting and when you will return.
  3. NEVER compromise safety. Always follow instructions. Use proven equipment.  (The Manufacturer recommends EZY® Climb Tree Steps be used with the Guardian Climbing Safety Systems.)  
  4. Practice with all equipment.  Begin at a low level.  It's a good idea to do some of this practice at night when lighting is similar to actual hunting circumstances.  
  5. ALWAYS inspect your equipment prior to each use.  Discard or replace worn, frayed, damaged, bent, or broken items with new items or have them repaired by the manufacturer if possible.
  6. ALWAYS use a safety harness and proper tie-in equipment from the time you leave the ground until you reach the ground again.  This includes when installing a stand, steps, or climbing anchor.
  7. ALWAYS select a tree that is suitable for climbing. Avoid trees that are dead, have rotting limbs or dead limbs, are unhealthy, or too small to support the weight of climbing.  Avoid trees that have thick, slick (such as hickory, poplar, and red maple), or loose adhering bark.  Avoid trees that have excessive knots or weak spots.  Select a straight live tree that readily accommodates the type of tree stand and climbing equipment that you will be using.  
  8. Take your time while climbing.  It seldom takes more than 2-3 minutes more to use proper care and to potentially save your life.  Take additional care in wet or icy conditions.  There are times when it is unwise to climb for any reason.
  9. Use a haul-line to raise and lower bows, firearms, and other equipment.  NEVER climb with or raise/lower a loaded firearm.  
  10. When using screw-in steps, space them no further apart than 12-18 inches (or the length from the floor to the back of your knee when bent at a 90 degree angle).  Screw the steps in completely with the back (upright portion) resting against the tree.  ALWAYS place your foot completely on a tree step as close to the tree as possible.  NEVER place weight out on the end of a tree step.  Avoid screwing steps into weak or rotten wood, thick or loose bark.  (See item 7 above.) 
  11. NEVER place your steps so that you have to step up to reach the stand.  Use an additional step to allow you to step off to the side on the stand.  
  12. NEVER climb when fatigued, on medication or while having recently consumed alcohol or other judgment altering drugs.
  13. NEVER substitute a tree limb for a tree step.
  14. ALWAYS use a Guardian Climbing Harness and appropriate Guardian lanyards and/or anchor package while installing tree steps, tree stand, or climbing to hunt. 
  15. ALWAYS check your boots and remove all mud and foreign materials before climbing.  
  16. NEVER wear rings or any type of jewelry while climbing on tree steps.  Items such as these can become caught on your climbing equipment and cause severe injury.
  17. NEVER exceed the safe working load for the equipment you are using.
  19. ALWAYS USE A FULL BODY SAFETY HARNESS SECURED TO THE TREE IN EVERY PHASE OF TREE STEP USAGE.  This manufacturer recommends Guardian Climbing Safety Systems. 
  20. ALWAYS ensure the entire upright portion of the tree step is flat against the tree for support.
  21. ALWAYS place your foot completely on the step area as close to the tree as possible.  NEVER step out on the end of the step away from the tree.
  22. ALWAYS inspect equipment before use.  Replace any worn or deteriorated equipment.   ONLY YOU CAN ENSURE YOUR SAFETY BY USING PROPER EQUIPMENT AND BY PROPER USE OF SELECTED EQUIPMENT.
  23. NEVER install a tree step in an existing or pre-drilled hole.  ALWAYS allow the step to create its own tapered hole.  NEVER partially unscrew a tree step and then place weight on it.  Instead, completely remove the step and reinstall in a new location
  24. NEVER leave steps or screws in tree for extended periods of time.  NEVER leave screws or tree steps in tree through a freeze.  Store steps in a dry area, away from weather and sunlight.
  25. NEVER allow anyone other than the original manufacturer to make repairs or modifications to this equipment.
  26. NEVER jump from tree or tree steps.  ALWAYS descend to ground on tree steps.
  27. Use only for intended purpose.

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