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Bow and Gun Holder

Bow & Gun Holder(click the photo to see larger images)

The EZY®  Bow & Gun Holder is a rubber coated bow, gun, or accessory holder featuring the unique EZY® self-tapping screw and designed to protect the finish on your equipment.  EZY® means superior construction, fast and easy to use, long-term reliability, and safety.  The ONLY truly easy to install screw.  Sturdy steel rod construction ensures your hunting success.  Weight limit 22 lbs.  
Weighs only 1.1 ounces.


Supreme T-Screw  

Supreme T-Screw(click the photo to see larger images)

EZY® Supreme T-Screw is an adjustable T-Screw featuring the famous EZY® self-tapping screw common to all EZY® products.  Rubber coated handle for secure grip.  Screws into the hardest wood like magic.  Unique locking nut will not lose off.  This is the quality, easy to install T-Screw you need to replace the lost, broken, or difficult to install one that came with your stand.  Weighs only 3.6 ounces.

Midget T Screw

Midget T Screw(click the photo to see larger images)

NEW!!!   The EZY® Midget T-Screw is an excellent, economical replacement T-Screw for many tree stand styles not requiring the adjustment features available on Cranford Manufacturing’s EZY® Supreme T-Screw. Screws into the hardest wood easily. This is the quality, easy to install T-Screw you need to replace the lost, broken, or difficult to install one that came with your stand. This T-Screw features the same EZY® self-tapping screw common to all EZY® Climb Tree Steps. Weighs only 3.2 ounces. USA.

Tree Step Seat

Tree Step Seat(click the photo to see larger images)

EZY® Tree Step Seat is comfortable, lightweight, easy to use, and inexpensive.  Simply slip the seat over an EZY® Climb Deluxe, Folding, or Original Tree Step (sold separately), attach the safety rope, and pull tight to the tree.  Use alone for comfortable hunting from the ground, or in conjunction with your treestand for truly adjustable seat height.  Durable camouflage Cordura fabric with dense foam seat.


Climb Tree Step Holster

EZY climb Tree Step Holster(click the photo to see larger image)

EZY® Climb Tree Step Holster, shown in Advantage® Camouflage pattern and worn on your belt, is constructed of sturdy 1000 denier Cordura and split suede. Padded for comfort and strength. Cuts down on noise while carrying steps and helps prevent tangled and dropped tree steps during climbing and installation.  The perfect transportation vehicle for tree steps.  (Steps sold separately.)  This holster was designed especially to address problems with transporting one-piece rod tree steps.  A must have product.

Holds up to the following quantities: 

  • 15 - Rod, Deluxe, or Folding
  • 20 - Original
  • 12 - Magnum
  •  6 - Rope
  • 10 - Detachable
  •  8 - Folding Detachable


Stedi-Grip(click the photo to see larger image)

The StediGrip (pronounced "Steady Grip") solves many common tree stand hunting problems: 

  • that difficut and dangerous last move from your tree steps into your tree stand now happens with ease

  • unique "handle" gives you extra security in the stand when conditions are windy

  • serves as a bow, gun, or accessory holder

You will NEVER struggle installing this product with the  EZY® self-tapping screw.  Weighs only 10.2 ounces.

Buck-Haul Tow Rope

Buck Haul Tow Rope(click the photo to see larger image)

  The EZY® Buck-Haul Tow Rope makes hauling your latest harvest or even your truck a simple event.  Polyester tire cord material tested to over 3250 pounds breaking strength.  Simple, lightweight, extreme strength, easy to use.  Tow a buck or tow your truck!! 

Comfort Seat

Comfort Seat in Tree StandThe Comfort Seat is an outstanding cushioned seat and backpack in one! Allows storage of all your essentials in one lightweight, easy to carry pack. You have the added comfort of a cushioned seat for your tree stand (or for huntingComfort Seat for Ground hunting from the ground). Features 5 zippered storage pockets, grip handle, and a detachable adjustable shoulder strap for convenient transportation. The Comfort Seat puts everything you need at your fingertips, thereby reducing movement. Fits 95% of all tree stands and can be used for ground hunting. Available in Mossy Oak “Breakup” Camouflage.

Hunter’s Cooler Seat

Cooler SeatThe Hunter’s Cooler Seat is an ideal combination of seat and cooler in one! Features a large insulated soft-sided cooler attached under the seat to a folding metal frame. Includes storage pocket in front and easy grip handles. Available in Mossy Oak “Breakup” Camouflage. Seat measures 12”HX15”W.

Purchase these products from your local dealer or directly from us in two convenient ways:

  1. Our on-line retail store

  2. Print out our retail order form and return it via mail or fax.

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