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These successful hunters "climb to hunt" ONLY with EZY® Climb Tree Steps.  Enjoy viewing the results of some of their very successful hunts and see what some of them have to say about EZY® Climb Products.  Maybe you will see someone you know!  Maybe you will see yourself! If you would like a chance to be included on this page, click below to go to a copy of our release form for use of your photo or endorsement.  Go To Release Form

John Kasun

John Kasun“Being a full time outdoor writer with a photographer wife who also hunts means we spend a lot of time afield. To make the best use of our time it is important that the equipment we select for our personal use is the finest available. When it comes to tree steps we want something that is quick, easy to use and above all safe. To fill that bill we use nothing but Cranford’s EZY® Climb Deluxe Steps and the EZY® Climb Detachable Tree Step depending upon our hunting situation. The superior screw design means quick and safe installation under a variety ofSandy Kasun conditions. In addition to great performance Cranford’s Tree Steps also provide great service as I still use some of my EZY® Climb Original Tree Steps which are over 20 years old.

John Kasun / Sandy Kasun -- Pennsylvania
Freelance Outdoor Writer (ArrowTrade, Outdoor Times, etc.)

Bill Krenz

"Best is a word that is often overused today.  Bill KrenzBut after 20 years of hunting with a wide variety of different screw-in steps, EZY® Climb Tree Steps are indeed the best I've ever used.  What does that mean?  For me, EZY® Climb Tree Steps go in easier and faster than any others.  And with their solid design and beefy construction, the truth is that I feel safer going up and down with EZY® Climb.  Easier, faster and safer - that's how I define the best in tree steps, and the best I've seen and used is EZY® Climb." 

Bill Krenz - Colorado 
Editor, Inside Archery Magazine 
Staff, Bowhunter Magazine 


Paul Brunner

Paul Brunner"I will NEVER use any other tree step but EZY® Climb.  There is  none better -- in design or in quality! American made, with American steel, they will never let you down . . . . with a crash!  Don't shop price on something which could cost you your life -- shop QUALITY!"

Paul B. Brunner - Montana 
"The 8th Dwarf" 

Pat Durkin

“I’ve been a believer in EZY® Climb Tree Steps  since the first time I used one hand to screw one into a frozenPat Kurkin oak in December.  Before using your products, I always assumed a hunter needed a lot of brute force and tree-hugging ability to screw in tree steps during winter.  Thanks for making my tree-stand hunts safer and easier. 

Pat Durkin - Wisconsin 
Editor, Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine 


Ricky G. Dull

Ricky G. DullRicky G. Dull with just some of the trophies he has obtained with the 
help of EZY® Climb

Legislative Chairman for the N.C. Bowhunters Association

1993 N.C. Bowhunters Association “Bowhunter of the Year”

Holder of Ten N.C. Trophy Class Certificates for Whitetail Deer

Member of the West Rowan Bowhunters Club
Over 30 year of hunting experience.


Mike Dickess

“I trust my life to only the BEST. EZY® Climb Tree Steps always have beenMike Dickess
and always will be “THE BEST”.
Mike Dickess – Ohio
Mike’s Archery, Inc.

Alan Collins

Alan Collins“I set 100 stands and 2000 steps every year. It is important that I use the safest and easiest steps possible. I choose EZY® Climb Deluxe Tree Steps. They are the best.” 
(This photo is of Alan with a P&Y Buck taken in Indiana in 1998.)
Alan Collins - Indiana
Retired APA (Association of Professional Archers) Pro and Professional Hunter

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